The club was inaugurated on December 15, 1968 by the then Prime Minister Smt.Indira Gandhi From a handful of members we have grown into the all those who believe in serious Journalism. Colors, Sri. S Chandrasekhar, the then Prime Minister of India had inaugurated the Silver jubilee celebrations on 16th March 1991 and Dr. Sankar Dayal Sharma, President of India inaugurated the valedictory functions of Silver jubilee celebrations on 29th October 1992.Shivraj Patil, Union Minister for Home, had inaugurated the ruby jubilee of the club in December, 2008.

For the last 40 years, the Ernakulam Press Club has played a key role in shaping public opinion by effectively performing its role as a vibrant fourth estate.

Year 2011 was a special moment in the history of the Press Club, as it undergone a modernization drive aimed at giving a facelift to the organisation in tune with the rapid changes happening in the media across the world.

Major highlights of the project, which was being carried out using the support given by the Kerala government, include an e-library and e-work-station for journalists and space for stepping up the professional skills of the media persons.

The renovated building of Ernakulam Press Club was inaugurated by Sri.Oommenchandy, Hon’ble Chief Minister of Kerala on 12th May 2012 in the presence of Prof. K V Thomas, Union Minister for Food, Sri.K Babu, Minister for Excise, Kerala, Sri.Anoop Jacob, MInister for Civil Supplies, Sri.Tony Chammini,Mayor Kochi, Sri.Hibi EDen Mla and other dignitaries.


(a) To organize the Working Journalists in the State of Kerala and various places outside the state.
(b) To raise the status of the members of the profession of journalism.
(c) To promote a spirit of cooperation and understanding among Working Journalists.
(d) To strive for the betterment of working conditions of journalists, especially in terms of salary, tenure of office, security of service, conditions of service, etc.
(e) To promote and maintain the highest standards of professional conduct and integrity.
(f) To safeguard and promote members’ interests generally and to assist them whenever necessary in securing employment.
(g) To promote amenities for recreation and scope for social and cultural activities.
(h) To build up and administer funds for provision of legal aid, unemployment/disablement/retirement/death benefits and benefits of an allied nature.
(i) To promote wage agreements on a State-basis, the Union Wing on behalf of the employees.
(j) To secure redressal of grievances of members in particular and Working Journalists in general against employers and to secure, as far as possible, a settlement of disputes between them by Peaceful means and specific bargaining so as to avoid needless dislocation of work.
(k) To work for and promote legislation for the welfare of Working Journalists.
(l) To strive for the freedom of the press.